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5 Things VMware Users Predict for This Year (Hint: Better VMware Monitoring is Around the Corner!)

What does this year have in store for all things VMware? It seems like everyone has an opinion. 

VMware Users have opinions, CEOs have opinions, bloggers have opinions. Let's see what the top predictions for 2016 happen to be. 

1. VMware Horizon 6 Will Catch Up to Centrix XenDesktop/XenApp for Enterprise Use 

According to Centrix guru Brian Madden, this will be the year that VMware catches Centrix in the enterprise. He says this prediction is based on feedback from numerous customers, several of which work for larger enterprises. According to these users, almost all enterprises are taking a serious look at Horizon 6 to replace their XenApp 6 products. Many of them say that there is no competition -- the decision is already made. 

2. Enterprises Start Taking IT Security More Seriously

IT Security for VMware users

The shakeups caused by data breaches in 2014 and 2015 should drive businesses to spend more on IT security heading into 2016 and beyond. 

 The years 2014 and 2015 will not go down in history as banner years for IT security. In fact, if you read most of the news stories and op-ed pieces, you already know that most of these breaches were easy to see coming and even the most basic security precautions weren't taken to prevent them from happening. Will 2016 be free of nasty data breaches? Most likely not. But the problems of the past couple of years have done their part to shake IT security folks out of their slumber. Combined with better security products, this should be the year that the security gaps are addressed for a better future. Companies will likely dedicate more of the budget where it belongs to protect sensitive customer and corporate data. 

3. The CIO Gains Some Respect 

According to VMware CIO Bask Iyer, the CIO's status will improve in 2016. Their input will be more sought after and welcomed, both within the organization and externally. More CIOs will begin reporting directly to the CEO, adding some much-needed business knowledge to the technical skill set, and delivering valuable knowledge and information on how to be more efficient and effective, while pushing the limits of what current technologies are capable of. 

4. VMware Horizon Flex Delivers a Secure Windows 10 Experience

Windows 10 experience

For companies that allow BYOD but don't trust Windows 10 security, VMware Horizon offers the ideal solution. 

 Windows 10 hit the market in 2015 with mixed reviews. Some hated it, others loved it, while a fair number are taking the 'wait and see' approach. For those that remain unconvinced of the security of Windows 10, VMware Horizon Flex will empower businesses to provide a secure, containerized instance of Windows 10 to BYOD devices. As more businesses give in to BYOD, this will allow IT to maintain a measure of control that isn't possible using Windows 10 only. 

5. A Better VMware Monitoring Solution 

 VMware users grow tired of babysitting their environments 24-7. It's time to begin focusing on improving your VMware enviornment instead of having to monitor it manually. This year can be the year you finally make progress. Register for the Opvizor solution today.