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An Overview of the VMware 2015 State of Business Mobility Report and What it Means for VMware Monitoring

VMware has issued their 2015 State of Business Mobility Report, which takes an in-depth look at the status of business mobility within organizations around the world and across industries. Conducted in July, this report represents responses by decision makers within each organization, as well as IT professionals, and takes a look at the progress being made around the globe in terms of transitioning from the age of the client-server into the age of the mobile cloud.

Core Business Processes Going Mobile

VMware 2015 Mobility Report

One of the primary reasons to allow mission-critical applications to be accessed and used remotely is to power the mobile workforce, but businesses are also looking for new ways to reach and interact with their customer base via mobile apps.

Clearly, mobility is paying off for VMware users. Organizations that have implemented at least one core business process as mobile have experienced an impressive 150 percent return on their investment. Over half (51%) are able to bring new revenue streams online faster as a result of their mobile infrastructure. Forty-four percent of respondents report that they have been able to prevent the business from losing business opportunities as a result of mobile initiatives, and nearly half (47%) were able to provide user access to mission-critical apps.

A majority of organizations have now realized the potential of empowering mobility via the cloud, as well. Two-thirds of the organizations polled either currently have or are working on supplying core business processes via mobile within the next year. Among those that have implemented mobile or plan to soon, one of the primary issues to contend with is upgrading the IT infrastructure to power mobile apps and devices. Seventy-seven percent of respondents listed this as a top concern.

Customer-Facing and Work Apps via Mobile

Organizations going mobile are also involved in introducing customer-facing apps (in addition to mobile apps for the workers). Seventy percent of respondents listed this as a top issue. Another challenge to overcome that was frequently cited by respondents is the repositioning of mission-critical apps for mobile workers. Sixty-nine percent of the decision makers cited this as a top issue to address.

Challenges That Come With Mobility

VMware Mobility Security

Naturally, one of the biggest challenges organizations face with mobile apps is security. Look for mobile security to dominate headlines in 2016.

Unsurprisingly, the top challenge for most organizations when it comes to empowering mobile workforces and mobile users is security. Fifty-five percent of the survey respondents listed security as a major concern. Disaster recovery (DR) was also a major issue for most decision makers, with 32 percent of respondents listing DR issues as a mobility concern.

Why are organizations turning to the mobile cloud? Thirty-four percent cite workforce effectiveness, while thirty-one percent say that improving the user experience is their main reason for going mobile.

Where does VMware fit in all of this? VMware makes it super fast to deploy cloud environments in order to power mobile apps and users, and allows developers to automatically deliver their applications. VMware also creates a safe environment for mobile apps, which is why more than half a million customers and 75,000 partners choose VMware for their virtualization needs.

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