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David Davis, vExpert, video trainer and famous blogger reviewed Snapwatcher

At virtualizationsoftware.com you can find a very special review of our Snapwatcher solution. It's not a pure product review it's an amazing read as it tells a story.

The word “dangerous” is often used for hazardous chemicals or live ammunition so can vSphere snapshots really be dangerous or is that an exaggeration? The answer is that, for the health of your vSphere infrastructure, snapshots can absolutely be dangerous. Snapshots that are left unchecked and growing out of control can bring your entire vSphere infrastructure and all your critical applications to a halt. I’d say that’s dangerous! Dangerous for your company’s profits and future. Dangerous for your career growth.

David Davis, Snapwatcher review

David Davis


You can find the full review here: 

Finding and Eliminating Dangerous vSphere Snapshots with Snapwatcher (Free)

Check out the freshly released 2.5 version of its Snapwatcher which discovers any hidden, inconsistent or so called ‘Zombie’ VM snapshot in the customers VMware environment. 

Snapwatcher helps customers to free up more disk space and avoid possible downtime. The latest version contains new workflows to fix inconsistent snapshots, more details about snapshot hierarchy, size and the creator as well as full fixing process tracking including VM log file details.

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