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Health Analyzer 10 ESXi Hosts SMB Edition - Spring Promo!

Make sure to check out our Health Analyzer 10 ESXi Hosts SMB Edition Spring Promo, save money and directly start to heal your VMware vSphere.

You can start with our Spring Promo for only $250/month!

Enterprise SMB Edition Features

  • Run 2x faster by improving performance of your VM by changing settings with best practices
  • Resolve your VM problems faster by leveraging our wide rulebase and community of VMware experts
  • Free precious disk space wasted by broken, old and invalid snapshots
  • Use reports to track your work and check your inventory

10 ESXi SMB Spring Promo, valid till May 31st 2015

  • $250 per month, cancel anytime
  • max. 10 VMware ESX/ESXi Hosts within 1 vCenter
  • max. 1 VMware vCenter¬†(all hosts within a vCenter need to be licensed)

This offer is only valid for one vCenter and a maximum of 10 ESXi hosts under the vCenter management. Please contact us, if you need assistance with larger environments. VMware vSphere Health Analyzer