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Instant Industry Standard VMware report as a Service for your vSphere

I'm 100% sure you know the situation of doing the same task every month or week, always thinking to automate it. This happens with the spreadsheet you fill data in every month or the word document that needs to be updated every week. So much ways of forgetting details or track the wrong number. Best to have a checklist additionally - oh, of course the checklist needs to be reviewed and updated also from time to time.

We see a lot of customers that did that also for all kinds of VMware report´s, like

  • VM inventory
  • ESX Host Utilization
  • VM Resource Usage and VM Wasted Resources
  • VM Snapshots
  • miniature Health checks of the whole environment

Some people use PowerCLI scripts to create their vSphere report, others free or commercial software. All of these have a common problem, you need to build, change, tune and customize them. They do their own Reports-as-a-Service, but in house spending a lot of time.

Just think about it, that you can just connect a little software piece to your VMware vCenter or vCenters and a couple of minutes later all the above reports and many more are available to download in different formats. Customizing is not done with a complex editor or studio, but with simple configuration clicks. Boom, this is a instant solution to generate Reports-as-a-Service

You might think "What's about the flexibility?" - here is the point: We created the reports based on the feedback of thousands of users to find a common ground to gain an industry standard.

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Using opvizor Health Analyzer (HealthCheck-as-a-Service ;-) ) you get dozens of VMware report´s immediately at your fingertips - additionally to a comprehensive health check that covers more than 730 situations in your VMware datacenter - all as a service = Reports-as-a-Service (RaaS).

Learn more about the opvizor Report functionality or just register today and see it yourself:

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