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NetApp ONTAP 9 support - Performance Analyzer

NetApp released its latest ONTAP version 9 some months ago and more and more customers are upgrading to that version. We´re very happy to announce that we officially support NetApp ONTAP 9 since today. All data collection components and Dashboards have been updated to the latest version and are fully integrated now.

The combination of Performance Analyzer´s capabilities to collect data from VMware vSphere, Microsoft Windows, Linux OS and storage systems like NetApp makes the product a very powerful software to support IT management, System administration and IT Support. 

NetApp ONTAP 9 Volume IOPs

As shown in the following image:

IOPs VMware ESXi Host

Correlating the IOPs seen by the ESXi VMkernel and the virtual machine additionally to NetApp Storage metrics, let you dive into a 360° view in one Dashboard engine instead of switching between multiple management tools of different vendors. All that is possible at a very affordable and attractive price. So don´t wait, start evaluating how Performance Analyzer can save your day!


VMware VM Top Disk Usage