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New release - Performance Analyzer 3.5

Opvizor today released version 3.5 of its Performance Analyzer product for data centers, which has been enhanced by major features. This version provides a flexible dashboard engine, including dozens of different, dedicated, activity-oriented dashboards that provide a real-time performance analysis of the entire stack (storage application). In addition, the ability to link events in the VMware vSphere environment with the performance data is a new way to react faster to problems.

The voice of our customers

“While looking for a suitable monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting product for our VMware vSphere infrastructure, we found Performance Analyzer. We were impressed by the flexibility and ease of deployment of the virtual appliance and the nearly instant time to value. We chose Opvizor as our preferred solution provider and we are confident that we made the right decision” says Millie Cruz, Network Administrator of American College of Surgeons.

"But we don’t stop with VMware vSphere and add real-time performance analysis to be supported by all layers of one datacenter, such as e.g. NetApp Filer or DataCore Storage system, VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, Docker or Microsoft SQL. All these components visualized in a highly flexible dashboard based application "says Dennis Zimmer, CEO - opvizor.

Administrators and IT managers often use a variety of products with individual graphical interfaces to get the most important information and basis for their decision making. The software collects real-time performance data to speed up and simplify cross-system troubleshooting and decisions for infrastructure planning to constitute dashboard views in a practical way.

"We are excited about the functionality which offers the possibility to only view the really necessary performance metrics and statistics by adjusting the dashboard views. These views can be designed and optimized appropriately for the support, system administration or IT management. We get all key indicators at a glance and must no longer collect the information in different systems. Besides I personally enjoy the easy use of the Performance Analyzer." says Carsten Beyer, group leader IT of the DZ BANK AG.

Our latest version visualizes each layer of data center components at the same time and therefore allows the quick identification of anomalies, performance bottlenecks and capacity planning on the basis of growth of the past. This complete view is essential to be able to keep pace with the modern, flexible, and agile IT.

Fully customized dashboards with almost unlimited potential of integration offers our customers the maximum of transparency for an attractive price. We already support:

  • VMware vSphere
  • VMware vCenter appliance (VCSA)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • NetApp docker
  • Linux and Windows guest systems
  • DataCore
  • Microsoft SQL and other databases

Please find here a list with all integrations:


Innovative Features

One of the most innovative and important features that came into the Performance Analyzer with version 3.5 is the correlation between performance data and events in the virtual infrastructure. This enables the customer to recognize the reason for performance deviations or, in the reverse case, to view the performance data when the infrastructure is modified. This makes a root-cause analysis much easier and incorrect configuration directly show their effects in a chart graphic.

As can be seen in the example graphics, a reconfiguration of the virtual hardware of this virtual machine immediately led to high performance losses, which are measured by means of main memory indicators (in this case ballooning and swapping) and corresponding threshold values.

Performance Analyzer 3.5

Performance Analyzer 3.5

Register here for more information and how to get the latest version: http://try.opvizor.com/perfanalyzer/

To evaluate performance Analyzer for vSphere:


Product video - VMware VM performance: https://vimeo.com/165686351