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New VMware vSphere reporting application

We're pretty excited here at opvizor about our upcoming offering, a reporting only application based on our Health Analyzer for all folks out there, just want to get a vast amount of reports to document their environment or prepare troubleshooting and detect potential bottlenecks.

The application itself will be released this Summer, but we want to release the beta soon. Therefore please register here if you want to be part of our beta program of Reporter (will be limited and on a first come, first served basis) and be one of the first to use it:

Join Reporter Beta

To give you a better idea about the feature set and how the application looks like:

Create Reports as a Service

  • Network
  • Datastore
  • Health Check
  • Inventory
  • Snapshots
  • Security
  • Memory Usage
  • Memory Waste
  • vMotion/Storage vMotion
  • Change Management

VMware vSphere Reporter - VMware vSphere Reporting