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Opvizor Health Analyzer 3.0 for VMware vSphere released

We just released a new major version of our Opvizor Health Analyzer for vSphere product today that is available instantly for all cloud-based customers.

As always the On-Premise edition update will be also available with a slight delay of several hours for our on-premise customers. Please update manually as usual.

We are proud to announce our all new remediation platform feature.

This powerful feature will be available as an add on license! Please contact sales@opvizor.com if you want to learn more.

Opvizor Health Analyzer Version 3.0

Some of the supported issues, that have remediation already active are listed here:

  • "VM CPU Limit"
  • "VM CPU Limit with CPU Ready"
  • "VM Memory Limit"
  • "VM Memory Configuration Is Smaller than Limit"
  • "VM Memory Limit with Ballooning or Swapping"
  • "Unauthorized Device Access"
  • "Parallel Device Connected"
  • "Serial Device connected"
  • "CD/DVD Image Media (ISO) Connected"
  • "CD/DVD Image Media Connected"
  • "Floppy Media connected"
  • "Floppy Media Image Connected"
  • "Virtual Machine Information Flow (limit rotateSize and keepOld) (VMX20)"
  • "Virtual Machine logging is disabled"
  • "Tools (disable-autoinstall)"
  • "Virtual Machine Information Flow (VMX24)"
  • "Monitor (disable-monitor-control)"
  • "Prevent Virtual Disk Shrinking"
  • "Unrestricted VMCI"
  • "Virtual Machine Information Flow (limit setinfo size)"
  • "Log Availability (VMX20)"
  • "Guest Remote Operations"
  • "Host Performance Information"
  • "Maximum Remote Connections"
  • "Disable Copy/Paste to Remote Console"

...many more to come soon

If you don´t use Health Analyzer already, don´t miss the opportunity to use our solution for 30 days completely free of charge.

Next to this great feature, we fixed some bugs and added many small improvements to our components (data crawling and within the dashboard).

We´ll inform our existing customers separately by email.