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Opvizor Health Analyzer Websession Review

opvizor health analyzer websession

Recently, we recorded an Opvizor Health Analyzer Websession. In this informative overview video of its flagship product topics discussed covered the various features and functionality that make Health Analyzer one of the top VMware infrastructure analysis tools in the market today. To view the entire Health Analyzer Websession, click here to be taken to our Vimeo page.

If you’re already registered for your free 30-day Opvizor trial, GREAT! If not, we invite you to sign up for your trial today to enhance your “learn by doing” experience.

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Once you’ve downloaded your trial and setup your account, your dashboard is shown. Here you can find all the pertinent information you’ll need to ensure lost productivity is a thing of the past. From your dashboard, you’ll be able to find the number current errors, warning, and information messages—all ranked by priority.

As a best practice, we recommend going for the low-hanging fruit and solving the highest priority error issues.

When you select a particular issue, the viewer below will give you information such as the entity effected, title of the issue, its status, error, when the issue first occurred, plus when the issue was last modified. Another cool function you find is that Opvizor gives you an estimation on performance increase for your particular issue once it is solved. The system will provide you with scripts you can copy and paste into your system. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND use of this feature. This same area will also allow you to sort your issues grouped by entity, so you can easily see each entity that is experiencing the same issue.

Another cool feature is that you have the ability to set custom alarms for particular issues. When set, if the issue occurs in the future, an automated email will be sent to whomever you choose, along with instructions on how to fix the issue at hand.

opvizor health analyzer websession


Opvizor’s vSphere Health Analyzer comes pre-installed with numerous pre-configured reports. You can view “zombie” snapshots that would otherwise not be visible using open VMware tools. The pre-configured Wasted VM Resource Report is also a handy piece of information that can help any administrator save memory, disk storage, and most of all…time.

Other pre-defined reports that come with your Opvizor subscription include reports for your network, health check, security, weekly statistics, and change management. But while these pre-configured reports are great to have, you can also create custom reports and have the ability to send them to anyone in your organization in either HTML, PDF or CSV files.

Application Optimizer

Opvizor’s application optimizer help you optimize virtual machines for applications that are types for Oracle, vPostgres, or Microsoft SQL. When looking at the application profile for a virtual machine, you’ll find a rundown of how the machine was configured, along with recommendation on how it should be configured in an optimized manner.

Sharing Information

There are two recommended ways you can share the information that is in your dashboard.

  • User Management Tool
  • Allows users to create, edit, and choose INTERNAL users to share dashboard information with
  • Sharing Tool
  • Allows users to share your dashboard with ANY outside person, for a specific amount of time, in the event you are receiving help on an issue from an outside source

With Opvizor, your VMware environment will run faster and be more stable. Your vSphere instance will run the way that you want it to run, making your vSphere experience fun again, and in the end, your customers will be extremely pleased.

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