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Opvizor Performance Analyzer 3.1.1 - Release

Opvizor Performance Analyzer 3.1.1 - New Release

Many New Features, including: HTML and PDF Reports for Cluster Capacity Management

We´re more than happy to present our next release of Performance Analyzer, that includes many enhancements to data crawling and visualization.

Our customers know Performance Analyzer as a turn-key product that is up and running in a couple of minutes (import the virtual Appliance and configure network and VMware vCenter) delivering massive value you know from expensive enterprise software for a very affordable price.

The most important new feature is Reporting, that can be configured within the Admin settings and supports Top Consumer reports as well as Capacity planning.

All reports can be filtered and customized and have support for different time zones, if your users or tenants are within a different timezone.

new Features:

Data Crawling

  • faster crawling of large environments
  • support for Windows OS, Linux and Docker optimized


  • new VM Snapshot Dashboard
  • new MS Hyper-V Dashboard
  • new VMware Capacity Planning Dashboard

vSphere VM Snapshots in realtime


  • Be scheduled for different time-intervals ranging from every 5 Minutes to monthly and will be send via E-Mail
  • Use the Limit Systems function create Top-5 oder Top-20 Consumer VM reports
  • Use the Filter-function, to generate the reports just for a specific cluster or a single virtual machine
  • Align with local business hours, having recipients (customers) in different timezone

VM Cluster Capacity planning

The screenshot shows the cluster capacity planning part of our Cluster Planning report and supports our customer to plan the resources accordingly or order new hardware.

Patch Performance Analyzer

Existing customers can upgrade their current version using the update mechanism within the Admin settings (Download Update), new customers please register here and start your free 30-day trial.

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