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Opvizor Performance Analyzer: Part 2 - Performance troubleshooting for VMware vSphere

Opvizor Performance Analyzer: Part 2 - Performance troubleshooting for VMware vSphere

There is a white paper available from VMware regarding best practices for vSphere, you can find the compete pdf-File here:


One of the consideration to achieve good performance on ESXi hosts is the entry point – Virtual Machine. If you have chosen a hardware that is VMware supported and it’s already in production you can’t do much about it. You’ve made the acquisition and for few years you’ll be using it. But the VMs you’re running on that hardware can be – optimized from the virtual hardware perspective.

The new way

If you're looking for a very modern way to check and monitor performance, you should give Performance Analyzer a try

Monitor and Analyze VMware vSphere configuration and performance metrics. Correlate events and metrics in guest applications and infrastructure with vSphere metrics. Troubleshoot issues using our efficient data crawler and preconfigured dashboards.

vmware vsphere

Some of our VMware vSphere integration features are:

  • Find Disk I/O bottlenecks
  • Report Used Capacity over time and plan future capacity
  • Full insights into Datastore Latency and VM Disk IOps
  • See Memory Issues (Ballooning, Swapping) and Network Issues (Packet Loss) instantly
  • Get a complete cluster usage overview across multiple Datacenter or vCenter
  • track VMware Snapshot Usage in real time including historic data

vmware vsphere

You can also find a guide for VMware Best practices here:

"This guide is organized into sections for each computing resource, and provides a recommendation along with the rationale for that particular recommendation. The contents of this guide are intended for best practice recommendations and are not meant as a replacement for tuning resources based on specific usage profiles. Additionally, several of these recommendations trade off performance for flexibility in the virtualized environment."

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