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opvizor releases version 2.5 – new product licensing, US market and new website

“We are very proud to have gained new clients and partners in the USA and Canada, within a very short period of time”, states Dennis Zimmer, founder and CEO of the opvizor group.

“Given limited resources and rapid change within our organization, only opvizor provides an all-in-one, turn-key, easy to use solution that maintains our VMware infrastructure at its peak.” Stated Bruce Turnbull, Sr. Systems Administrator of Linde Group, one of the leading opvizor clients in the USA.

With the introduction of the new and simplified product licensing opvizor meets the users needs and now offers two different versions. The commercial Enterprise Edition for an extensive and professional optimization and to ensure a stable production environment. The Free Edition aims at the optimization of systems in a temporary and punctual way and at the same time to conduct a health check. The licenses of the current Professional Edition customers are converted into Enterprise Edition licenses automatically and without any charges. The present free Community Edition will transform into the Free Edition and convinces through a higher functionality although there are some restrictions in the field of automation of analysis and the amount of testable systems.

“opvizor has given us the ability, within a single pane of glass, to quickly look at the health status of our VMware environment. It has given us access to check best practices, look at potential security issues, possible bottlenecks, and other metrics, so that my team can be more proactive rather than reactive.” Zach Serine, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer of Hamilton County, another very valuable client of opvizor in the USA.

“Our sales engineers are excited to approach our existing and new customers with opvizor because we believe that you must optimize your VMware environment before accelerating it.” Explained Andy Seltzer, CTO of Even Enterprises in relation to their cooperation with opvizor.

Advantages of opvizor

  • Presents valuable findings, without training in less than 30 minutes
  • Analyzes the VMware vSphere infrastructure against more than 730 scenarios
  • Offers detailed and validated solutions for each detected error
  • Analyzes performance shortcuts, configuration errors and security leaks
  • Points out Vendor and Community Best Practices for the environment
  • Offers several reports to effectively use resources and document detected and resolved issues

Enterprise Edition highlights

  • Change Management report as well as assignment of the VM configuration changes according to the corresponding configuration problems
  • Application Optimizer, helps to optimize virtual machines for the usage of applications like Oracle data bases or a file server and to get the maximum performance out of VMware
  • Reports on discovered errors within the VMware infrastructure, which lead to downtimes and performance loss

Free Edition – besides few functionality restrictions some analyses restrictions apply

  • Limited to 1 VM ware Cluster
  • Analyses every 48 hours
  • Maximum of 10 Reports per month

In addition to the various product improvements the opvizor website convinces with a new and modern design, and offers clients an easier and faster access to the product and valuable information presented.