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ROI Calculator Health Analyzer SaaS

We already used a ROI (Return on Invest) in our quotes for customers and continuously improved it by customer feedback. The typical savings customers achieve using Health Analyzer are:

  • IT Admins save troubleshooting time
  • Customers save hardware and license costs because of reducing wasted resources
  • Downtimes are avoided and IT Admins save time used to prevent issues and to get systems back online

Of course many specifications are different between companies and infrastructures but we tried to be on the conservative side. If you're using our SaaS solution you benefit from a minimal installation effort (minutes) and no resource need for processing or running a database. 

Please let us know when you're not allowed to use SaaS as we can also provide an on-premise edition you can import as a vApp. Unfortunately as always there is a downside, you need to provide the VM resources in your own datacenter and you need to take care of the updates. These 2 things are completely on us when using SaaS.

Our new ROI calculator is live and you can play around with your own numbers: Customer ROI

In many cases we were able to realize and ROI in just 3 month, but 6-9 month is standard.

ROI Calculator Health Analyzer

Calculate your own Customer ROI and start evaluating Health Analyzer in your own environment, to see the results with your own eyes. And check out our impressive customer list that is already reducing costs while running VMware vSphere.