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Snapshots, we don’t need no stinking snapshots!

Please make sure to check out Nigel's blog post about how he handles VMware VM snapshots using Snapwatcher!



If you know what snapshots are you obviously know the love-hate relationship that they bring to the table. We rely on them for quick rollback points when updating apps or maybe you’re using them on a test box or for VMware’s ThinApp process, where you have some but don’t really pay them much attention.  However you use your snapshots and their functionality is not important here,  what’s important is that opvizor has created a new solution for detecting these invalid or broken snapshots that we have all come across, on purpose or on accident. The Austrian-American company opvizor has just launched a free product today that is going to help VMware administrators worldwide find those snapshots within their virtual environments and fix or remove them as required.