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Sweet Snapwatcher Independence Day Special

We thought hard about a real Independence Day Special for our US customers and came up with a real sweet deal.

This Special Won't Last Very Long (until July 4th 2015 11:59pm PST). So you got some days left. 

Hurry! Get the perfect deal done before celebrating Independence Day and enjoy your next year without any VMware snapshot hassle.

You get Snapwatcher Enterprise for just $94.50 per named user including 1 year of maintenance and support!

That's a sweet deal - Get it here!

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Snapwatcher Independence Day Special

Snapwatcher is designed to free precious but wasted disk space by fixing broken, old and invalid snapshots with a click. It monitors VMware snapshots across all VMware vCenter systems and reports progress of any space it was able to save. Snapwatcher’s powerful grid allows the user to monitor hundreds of snapshots at a time, making it easy to immediately detect any bad snapshots in the Virtual Environment.

Snapwatcher - Stop the VM snapshot hassle

The user can see when the snapshot has been created, who created it and tracks how these have been handled. As the software doesn’t rely only on the VMware vCenter API data and also checks the real data store usage, the customer gets deep insights about the space waste even when the VM snapshots are inconsistent or in “Zombie” state.

As VM snapshots are a popular virtualization function, and make it possible for virtual machine administrators to revert to previous stages when something goes wrong with the latest installed update. However, snapshots must be consistently monitored by age, size and growth rates to prevent invalid snapshots from hogging disk space. Invalid snapshots are caused by many kinds of actions the system admin has no control of, such as backup solutions which trigger snapshot creation and deletion. If the VMware struggles to delete the snapshot files, an invalid snapshot is created. Until now, these kinds of snapshots have been hard to detect, and would typically continue to grow and waste large volumes of disk space if left ignored.

"Snapwatcher allows the VMware Administrator to view and monitor the virtual machine snapshots in his/her environment.  It allows you to reconcile broken snapshots by using specific methods built in to FIX them.  Excluding certain snapshots from the view is also available so that if you have an environment like Citrix XenApp where deltas are used they are not shown every time you use the application.  Snapwatcher is highly recommended for any VMware Administrator and pairs nicely with the main opvizor product." states Chris Childerhose, Technical Specialist - Storage, Virtualization & Backup at McMillan LLP