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vChain, the global standard for enabling high-integrity, verifiable software distribution, opens its European research and development center in Vienna.

vChain offers a de-centralized trust verification platform for software publishers enabling businesses for the first time to authoritatively assert the provenance of the software they use for their mission critical applications.

Moshe Bar, CEO of vChain visiting the Vienna office today, said “Our solution is changing forever the way vendors and businesses manage software. vChain has assembled a world-class team of engineers and as we continue to hire aggressively we realized that in Vienna we can find the talent and experience pool of future employees. Our motto is to increase the average IQ of the company with every new hire. We are committed to make our office in Vienna a state-of-the-art research and development center. If you are a very bright and passionate engineer in Vienna we would like to meet with you.”

"By giving developers and businesses a unique tool to address the current lack of trust in software we enable software the reach its full promise. I am proud to see my city recognized of its up and coming role as Tech Hub, with innovative tech companies such as vChain, selecting it for their R&D departments. It is my mission to assemble one of the best engineering teams of the world." said Mathias Frey, Vice President of Engineering and General Manager for Austria.