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virtualizeplanet.com With vROPs you still need something like Opvizor

Ricky from virtualizeplanet.com asked himself after attending a local VMUG in London, how VMware competes with his Eco-system especially looking at the new vROPs release.

vROPs opvizor

Photo courtesy of Ricky El-Qasem

His great question and our response is definitely worth sharing as more people think and ask the same.

“What we receive from customers is that they like to combine Operations Management tools with Opvizor as we don’t need to learn the environment for weeks or even months but can immediately give the customer the results how to improve his vSphere health.

While Operations Management tools focus on a learned baseline to mainly fix performance, we take security and stability into account.

Therefore the combination is very valuable having a deep-dive analytics (using continuously growing information, big data, to come up with misconfigurations and improvements) and more real-time centric operations management. The more real-time, the less in depth.”

Operations Management software can be vROPs, VMturbo or also Dell vFoglight. VROPs = VMware vRealize Operations Manager

Of course there is more to add, but this answer covers the core message. Most of our customers and people trying the Health Analyzer notice instantly issues they have never seen before. The main reason is, that we compare their environment against more than 700 static and more than 300 dynamic pattern. Each pattern can be understand as a situation in your datacenter that can potentially cause a downtime, a performance degradation or a security leak.

That can never be covered by pure anomaly detection, as most systems running with a poor hardware configuration don't show symptoms, as they are always slow, not sometimes.

You can read his full post here