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VMware Healthcheck-as-a-Service - HaaS

Let's play marketing scrabble! Today every service offering needs to have a corresponding name - so we offer SaaS, HaaS and RaaS. You know Software-as-a-Service of course but what's about Healthcheck-as-a-Service or Reports-as-a-Service? Why not?

But what means our VMware Healthcheck Service to you, I don't want you to be left alone with the 'stupid' word game:

  • Analyzes your infrastructure against the most comprehensive rule-base in the industry (730+ rules and counting, so we gave up on updating)
  • Provides detailed, validates solutions for each issue
  • Analyzes performance bottlenecks, resource constraints and broken snapshots
  • Provides advice on how to meet best practices
  • No administrative burden on updates or providing huge local resources

The best thing is, that we work with YOU - we receive daily new issue rules from customers, consultants and from vendors. These mostly harmful situation will be detected automatically as we integrate the new rules in a fast and tested way.

VMware healthcheck rules including a description of issues

But we don't leave you alone with findings, we always try to show you further information:

  • Issue Title
  • Severity - info, warning, error
  • Category - Security, Best Practice, Configuration, Performance, Log
  • Risk when not resolving, predicting what happens
  • Resolution, including PowerCLI script

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