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VMware PowerCLI Macro recorder - Onyx for the Web Client

I just read a blog entry from the VMware Office of the CTO about a Fling contest. VMware Flings are  extremly useful tools that are written by VMware employees as a giveaway at https://labs.vmware.com/flings. These tools are not VMware official products and you don't get any support for it, but they provide amazing functionality.

One of my all time favorites was Onyx, a vSphere Client (not only) PowerCLI macro recorder that produces PowerCLI, Java or .net code to use in scripts or software based on your recorded actions. Extremly useful, when you don't know the PowerCLI command or the workflow is just to complex, Onyx is an amazing help and very simple to use. The scripts that are generated are really recorded actions, so changing the Virtual Machines BIOS settings called VM1, provides a script for VM1. You need to change the script accordingly to make sure it can run for all VMs or a subset. But that is the only caveat.

PowerCLI Macro Recorder - Onyx

Photo courtesy of VMware

Therefore it's not surprising that the Onyx version for the VMware Web client won the Fling contest. Congrats to the team that developed it!! But also congrats to any Fling developer as you do an amazing job!

You can find a complete documentation about the installation and usage of Onyx for the Web Client here: 


The VMware Flings website can be found here: