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VMware vSAN for experts - storage IO visibility histograms

We just released an extension a lot of customers and VMware experts were waiting for. Storage histogram views for I/O details block sizes over time. Currently we support VMware vSAN (6.6 and higher) to get the I/O details.

Everybody working in the storage field knows, that the efficiency of caching and eventually the whole disk/raid architecture depends on matching the real IO pattern. Unfortunately, most people don´t know the IO request that are handled by the storage system at a certain point in time. Opvizor is going to change that. We just started integrating storage I/O visibility for VMware vSAN, allowing the IT admin to check for block sizes and read/write ratio over a chosen time range.

VMware vSAN storage histogram

Within the Dashboard VMware vSAN: Storage Diskgroup Stats and VMware vSAN: Cache Diskgroup Stats you can find 4 new histogram widgets, showing:

  • Read requests by block size
  • Write requests by block size
  • Read request latency
  • Write request latency

VMware vSAN cache histogram

Btw. we´re currently also working on a per VM and per VMDK integration, so you can create a real storage profile of your running systems.

To get the new integration up and running, just patch your appliance with the VMware vSAN extension patch and wait a couple of hours to get a better picture about the IOs handled by your vSAN. Download patch

If you don´t use Performance Analyzer yet, just start a free trial now and use the same patch to get the vSAN extension going.