Zero-Trust Consortium

A very fast consortium blockchain for the software industry with no transaction fees

What is the Zero-Trust Consortium?

We are a consortium blockchain proudly and reliably processing hundreds of thousands of transactions daily. Our mission is to provide a trustable, independent, always-on, permissioned blockchain for the software industry with the following attributes:
  • Decentralized governance and ownership
  • Low latency
  • Optimized for throughput
  • Zero transactional costs
  • Infinite hash storage
  • No associated crypto-currency
  • Globally distributed transparency
  • Always on

The Technology Platform

We operate a Parity Ethereum multi-purpose blockchain. It enables our consortium members to develop and operate their own distributed applications without the cost and complex aspects of running their own operations. Parity is a derivative of Ethereum. It combines the advantages of the public Ethereum chain with key benefits of consortium-based chains.
  • ZTC Technology Platform
  • ZTC Technology Platform
  • ZTC Technology Platform
  • ZTC Technology Platform
  • ZTC Technology Platform
  • ZTC Technology Platform

Monitoring the Network

The ZTC has implemented a monitoring infrastructure using Opvizor Performance Analyzer to ensure nodes health, valid runtime configurations and working mining activities.

The Consortium Blockchain

The Zero-Trust Consortium does not use the public Etherum Blockchain because of the current limitations in scalability due to high latency and very high costs involved to store data and run distributed applications.

The Zero-Trust Consortium runs a worldwide, distributed Ethereum blockchain using the Parity project. Built for mission-critical use service providers, and exchanges that need fast synchronization and maximum uptime.

Parity Ethereum provides the core infrastructure essential for speedy and reliable services.

  • Clean, modular codebase for easy customisation
  • Advanced CLI-based client
  • Minimal memory and storage footprint
  • Synchronize in hours, not days with Warp Sync
  • Modular for light integration into your service or product

Founding Members

TA Capital

Non-Founding Members

green tube
Uni Leipzig
Wien University
Chemium Corp